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17) Segmentary opposition can be summed up by the expression "I against my brother; my brother and me against our cousin; my lineage against a related lineage; my tribe against a neighbouring tribe" and so on up the hierarchy.
Aside from the four core groups, a second category includes peripheral Muslim peripheral societies that have segmentary lineage systems of the present or distant past who are not the targets of U.
Sabah's societies are bilateral, and do not have segmentary lineage groups.
Whatever part was played by Moses in selecting leaders and assigning them duties, it is clear that, in the long run, the situation is something less like a top-down bureaucracy than a segmentary, clan-based society in which the political representatives exercise power over their kinsmen by virtue of their leadership qualities and position within the clans.
Roentgenographic parameters included posterior and anterior segments of interbody intervals before and after operation, as well as flexion-extension difference of the segmentary angle at a level of surgical intervention.
In this context, Andre Beitelle aptly remarks that Bailey is perhaps the only anthropologist working in the Indian field who has tried to characterize 'tribes' in terms of segmentary principles, but what Bailey is interested in is the contrast between 'tribe' and 'caste' (14) rather than between 'tribe' and peasant.
Pre-colonial society was essentially acephalous and the stories express the memory of this autochtonous form of segmentary society.
The Significance of the Course Events Take in Segmentary Societies.
But tribes are often used as a generic for any pre-state social organization whether they are segmentary lineages, political units, linguistic units, or geographic units.