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The segmentary character of the uprising is evident from what seems to reporters like the lack of clarity regarding movement tactics, strategy, and goals "beyond the universal demand that Assad should go.
It should be noted that there are lower and upper limits of rigidity of the coupling bands, corresponding to the cases of disconnected self-aligned segmentary bearings and rigid multi-lobe bearings.
He adds that "[t]he genius of a segmentary lineage system is in the deterrence against conflict provided by the combination of collective responsibility and balanced opposition" (p.
Differentiation can be structural, in terms of a functional, hierarchical or segmentary differentiation, (31) but also exists on other levels.
Generally, there are two types of indigenous leadership systems among segmentary societies in the South Pacific: clan leadership in Melanesia and chief leadership in Polynesia (Strathern & Godelier, 1991).
Across central Africa, for example, many farming societies formerly defined themselves exclusively in terms of segmentary kinship groups without chiefs and without any material or social differentiation other than clan.
jkn], segmentary curvature (or ordinary non-metricity) [S.
Griffiths (Griffiths, J, 1986, p 27) tells us '[s]ociety is neither the homogenous whole supposed by legal centralism nor the neat federative structure of segmentary associations supposed by institutionalist theory and by writers such as Pospisil and Smith.
Kinship forms the core of Somali social organization and segmentary lineages serve as the basis for political alliances and loyalties.
Smith [23] asserts that: "Academic departments serve as organizations that exhibit all the segmentary politics described by anthropologists: segmentation for largely demographic reasons, balanced opposition among themselves, and unitary resistance to a superordinate entity, usually the college or university as a whole.
For instance, the approach to a stratified, hierarchical society--like a Timorese kingdom--should vary from one designed for a segmentary group without centralized leadership--as among historically nomadic clans in Somalia.
Rather it extrapolates from numerous twentieth century studies of pastoral-nomadic, segmentary lineage (19) societies in order to frame specific themes of pre-Islamic poetry in a social context.