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In computer vision, segmentation refers to the process of partitioning an image into multiple sets of pixels based on similarities.
There are three major categories of analysis and segmentation techniques: Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), Data Mining, and Statistics.
IDC's "Ternary Partner Segmentation Model" divides the reseller universe into six major segments, based only on the relative proportion of product, service, and resale revenue: logistic-oriented resale, value-added resale, services oriented, hybrid products/services, hybrid product/resale, and product oriented.
An extensive analysis of consumer panel data has therefore been carried out, across more than 20 product categories in four countries, to establish the extent to which brand segmentation occurs.
Market segmentation involves three steps (Kotler, 1988).
Art Weinstein tackles these issues and describes the process of developing a segmentation strategy in his book Market Segmentation.
It guides readers through all phases of the data mining process, from data requirements analysis and preparation to marketing deployment of the results, presenting all necessary steps that should be followed for the evolvement of an organization into a segmentation oriented enterprise.
Table 3: Global Defense Spending Segmentation II: % Share, by Value, 2007 28
Table 3: Global Apparel Retail Market Segmentation II: % Share, by Value, 2007 28
Market volume segmentation as regards product origins (domestic/imported)
Segmentation is the practice of using various predefined criteria to subdivide wider markets into distinct groups, the members of which share similar traits.