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SEIGNIORY, Eng. law. The rights of a lord as such, in lands. Swinb. 174.

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For fifteen years, he worked as a priest there, serving successively in four parishes, from frontier foundations in the Eastern Townships and the Ottawa valley, where he worked in the seigneury of Louis Joseph Papineau, to larger and more established parishes on the south shore of the St.
Charles, the first-born, succeeded his father and developed his land at Longueil into the most important seigneury in the colony; Jean-Baptiste was the founder of New Orleans; Jacques, Sieur de SainteHelene, drove Sir William Phips away from Quebec in 1690; and Pierre, Joseph, Louis and Philippe served with Pierre de Troyes in Hudson's Bay.
In effect, both the Scots (coming from 19 different parishes on the Isle of Lewis which was said to be "a full century behind other parts of Scotland") and the French (from 13 parishes in and around the seigneury of Lauzon) had been obliged to leave their native communities once wheat and potato crops had started to fail.
Indeed, Dube gives us the evolution of present-day Charlevoix County, from a remote seigneury of New France to the post-Conquest property of Jacobite Scots British officers Malcolm Fraser (Mount Murray) and John Nairne (Murray Bay), to the summer playground of an elite by the mid-19th century, thanks to its natural beauty and improved water and then rail transportation to Quebec City and Montreal.