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But if you happen to catch Dorfman in his rightful milieu, on a stage, you'll immediately seize upon the surprising truth of the matter.
We intend to work diligently with all parties to ensure that we fully seize upon the opportunity at hand.
At least we, as Americans, stand up for our rights, every moment of every day, and seize upon other countries who don't have a clue what human rights are to begin with.
Jackson made several pleas for NATO to halt its airstrikes, saying ``in the coming days, we shall urge all parties to seize upon this initiative'' and undertake new negotiations to end the crisis.
Those companies that understand true enterprise risk will be the ones that seize upon the growth prospects that threats like climate change create," he said.
There is a need for unity and our leaders must seize upon it.
As we expand the breadth and depth of our business by further penetrating or entering new geographies, acquiring new businesses and new skills, and adding to our reputation as innovators in professional services, we look to our executive leadership to help us seize upon new opportunities and strengthen our capabilities.
It's just that wrongdoers should not seize upon lead exposure as a convenient excuse for unacceptable behavior.