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Bloomfield's interest-only bridge capital allows our borrowers to quickly seize upon opportunistic acquisitions and refinancings where certainty of closing and a reliable debt partner are key components to the transaction.
As usual, the tiny majority of Welsh- speaking bullying extremists seize upon this as an anti-Welsh speaking attitude and go ballistic.
Evolution is something they opportunistically seize upon to promote their conservative religious views, mostly through local affiliates: This was the case in Alabama with Phyllis Schlafly's Eagle Forum, which successfully lobbied in the mid-1990s for a warning label about evolution to be affixed to each and every biology textbook in the state.
Currently, other states are actively working to build their own spaceports to seize upon this emerging commercial space flight industry and technology,'' Sharon Runner wrote.
Empowerment is an internal developmental process in which a person discovers how power operates in his or her life and then takes reasonable steps to seize upon personal power and channel it in constructive ways.
The president, predictably, was eager to seize upon the election as a validation of his decision to invade Iraq.
The more conservative seize upon overstatements such as this to label Humanists and other liberals as "fuzzy-headed," discouraging fair consideration of the valid points we have to make.
Now if the dance world has any sense, it will seize upon Feld's enforced sabbatical and persuade him to plant a few of his flowers in other repertoires.
Opal-RT's RT-LAB Engineering Simulators seize upon these trends by offering streamlined, low cost solutions, with unprecedented cycle rate performance.
But they also warned of the right-wing racist groups who have been quick to seize upon the opportunity to cause trouble.