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Labour justice spokesman Lewis Macdonald: "If I was them, I'd want to make up for this by going out and seizing some real cars from criminals and putting them on display.
On an average, we have been seizing around Rs1 million every year from the possession of corrupt officials and this amount is slowly increasing with each passing yearEoACA*this is our problem," added Thakur.
As well as seizing drugs and illegally-smuggled weapons, our officers also make sure ships' crews are complying with regulations around transporting firearms and other dangerous items.
He said: "Police have become more effective in seizing items for use as evidence.
Nor did he discuss the due process issues raised by seizing a site and taking it offline with no prior notice.
The vehicle may be released if the spouse of the vehicle owner can prove that the seized vehicle is the only means of transportation and the hardship to the family is greater than the government's interest in seizing the vehicle.
The "Kushlev" Commission is the one in charge of seizing the illegally acquired assets in favor of the State.
That is the reason for seizing Telquel and Nichane.
The role of the Customs Investigation department is completed by inspecting the suspected personnel, seizing their possessions of illegal cards, devices and electronic chips, producing a seizure report and referring them along with the seized items to the competent security services", he explained.
We are still seizing as many vehicles on a daily basis for no insurance.
CANOGA PARK - City animal-control officers have shut down an unlicensed animal-rescue operation after seizing dozens of sick cats during a recent raid, officials said Monday.
If Lockhart loses his case, "even if the student roan is 100 years past due," says Wolfman, the government will be able to retrieve the money by seizing Social Security payments, which is currently illegal under the Social Security Act.