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Last season, Quartermane raised a few eyebrows by reaching the quarter finals of the Junior ABA championships - and he was a one-round winner for England Select against Wales Select in June.
Henrik Larsson will head back to Celtic to play for a legends and celebrity fan select against Manchester United on Tuesday, August 9.
Peter Davenport has a full squad from which to select against a Burscough side occupying eighth place in their first season at this level after promotion from the UniBond Premier Division in May.
However, after analyzing fertility data from some of the most reclusive hunter-gatherer groups in the world, the researchers concluded that old-age male fertility helps select against damaging age-related cell mutations.
Kidderminster boss Yates and Hale-sowen chief O'Connor rolled back the years to play in a Rovers Select against a Worcester City XI for Paul Carty's testimonial at St George's Lane, with Rovers winning 2-0 with goals from Carl Heeley and Nathan Lamey.
One I speculate about in my book is sexual preference: It seems pretty clear to me that if parents, including ones who are perfectly accepting of gays today, had the choice, they would select against their children being gay, if for no other reason than their desire to have grandchildren.
Francis can only hope to have a full hand from which to select against a Preston team which has twice lost to Blues this season; 3-1 at St Andrew's and 2-0 at Deepdale.
Burns was back in Glasgow on Friday night for the re-opening of Hampden, playing for the international select against Queen's Park All Stars.
As expected, intracellular expression of the (TTAGGG)n oligo appeared to select against malignant cells which expressed the telomeric repeat whereas HeLa cultures transfected to express a control sequence of the same length continue to thrive.
THERE was another derby match in Sunderland - a fight night billed Tyneside Select against Wearside Select at Lambton Street.
It all started back in February when he was chosen as part of a home-based under 21 select against the Leinster and Munster UEFA Regions Cup squad.