select few

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There was a hole there which would afford steady work for all the people in that region for some years to come -- in trying to ex- plain it, I mean; as for filling it up, that service would be comparatively prompt, and would fall to the lot of a select few -- peasants of that seignory; and they wouldn't get anything for it, either.
You are the master of my ceremonies," she said to des Lupeaulx,-- ambiguous words, by which she expressed the annoyance she felt with the secretary for presuming to interfere with her private parties, to which she admitted only a select few.
Whereas in the past, media tools were only available to a select few, today everybody has access to them.
IN reply to Stifyn Davies' letter (Daily Post, October 24), I wish to point out that it is not a select few (as he put it) of teenagers that are causing major problems for communication.
Members of The Select Few have performed with Little Richard, Lionel Hampton, Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight, Dionne Warwick, Burt Bacharach and Mahalia Jackson.
There are a select few who not only have achieved professional success but have sacrificed their time and rewards to help those who are in need.
The archbishop wanted to continue this tradition of providing hospitality, but to extend it to everybody rather than the select few.
Wendel and Leto are among the select few who actuary make a riving playing video games.
The fine print below the headline Bluetooth announcements for vehicles like the Acura TL or Chrysler Pacifica (both of which use systems developed by Johnson Controls) is that only a select few phones can be used if you want to access the function.
If people are lucky enough to work for the right employer, they don't have to worry, but that seems to be only a select few.
During the 1980s, photographer Birney Imes traveled through the Mississippi Delta and visited a select few of these "colorful" juke joints in the region.
His teacher and personal physician, Grandmaster Doo Wai, emphasizes that only a select few achieve Hudlin's closed-door disciple status because "few people have the patience, discipline, and intelligence to reach this level.