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Because Arizona holds retention elections (other merit selection systems might use other means for determining retention), we have instituted a unique constitutionally mandated program.
Figure 1 shows that a point biserial correlation between subjective difficulty rating and correct selection of functional hypothesis exists for only one case, while for 5 out of 10 cases difficulty ratings correlate with treatment selection accuracy.
14) This theory suggests that sex partner selection is a strategic process motivated by a desire to achieve reproductive success, and that particular selection patterns have developed as an adaptive response to problems our ancestors encountered during evolution.
Huff was a first-team All-Foothill League selection and a second-team Southern Section Div.
Recent natural selection also affected various genes involved in skeletal development in each population, the team reports.
Lori Blount, director of corporate relations for The Free Library of Philadelphia, says the selection of two books by African American writers was coincidental rather than racially motivated.
The reasoning is that neither FAR nor AFFARS has been changed sufficiently to recognize the full impact of CAIV in the source selection process.
Pryce's selections include poems and prose spanning the history of English literature.
It was difficult for a generation of naturalists trained in observation and classification to assimilate the quantitative methods of the new biology; but it was perhaps too easy to absorb, undigested, the message of Williams' book: selection sees only individual reproductive rate.
The Chicago Reporter observed jury selection on April 30 and May 1, as well as the entire second trial, which began May 2 and lasted three weeks.
The Herbicide Selection Guide database allows farm producers to efficiently identify herbicides that meet his or her requirements about treatment options for corn, soybeans, cotton and small grains," Bremner says.
To what extent are these criteria new, the same, or modified forms of those for the selection of print resources?