selection of words

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The selection of words would hardly lend itself to the sending of general messages.
Dylan began by using metaphors, in his very specific selection of words, to create montages of sounds with images.
Khan said his selection of words was 'wrong' and 'inappropriate' against the former CJP and spoke out of control under sentiments of 'disappointment' and 'protest' over vote rigging.
He said that Gujranwala incident is tragic but PTI leaders should take care in selection of words.
The Inter University debate contest was held at the National University of Modern Languages (NUML) where careful selection of words, dramatic rise and fall of voice, precise and accurate narrations, realistic themes, exuberant deliverance, thought provoking contents and clarity of thoughts and minds were some of techniques used to stand out the competition.
The candidate's good selection of words in his poems will have dramatic impacts on voters, said Al-Kandari.
A simple touch of a button or screen can bring your child to a whole new selection of words.
Collins editors have already submitted a selection of words, including "omnishambles", originally from The Thick Of It and more recently used by Ed Miliband, "superphone", "tash-on", a word for kissing, popularised by reality TV show Geordie Shore, and "twitlit".
The following selection of words with synonyms will illustrate the manner by which the student can easily multiply total word mastery.
Stuart Broad used a fair selection of words after Anderson inflicted a nasty blow to his toe while batting, but the opening bowler should be fine to take his place in the side tomorrow.
Ask a writer, who simply wants to edit text, this old-fashioned way of expressing yourself: He complains about inaccurate cursor navigation, complicated selection of words and phrases, missing tab and em-dash and all the other hidden keyboard options.
Get those iguanas off my jiminy-flippin' coffee table," shouts Cage, hallucinating like mad from his meds and employing a rather more choice selection of words than 'jiminy-flippin'.