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in the context of registered land, an entry on the register prohibiting (either for a specified period or until the occurrence of a stated event or until further order) any or some specified dealing with the land.

In the Scots law of diligence or legal enforcement, a prohibition on a debtor preventing him dealing with his heritable property. It is recorded in the Register of Inhibitions and Adjudication, so ought to be known to the world at large. It does not prevent the carrying through of obligations established before it was effected.

INHIBITION, Scotch law,. A personal prohibition which passes by letters under the signet, prohibiting the party inhibited to contract any debt, or do . any deed, by which any part of the lands may be aliened or carried off, in prejudice of the creditor inhibiting. Ersk. Pr. L. Scot. B. 2, t. 11, s. 2. See Diligences.
     2. In the civil law, the prohibition which the law makes, or a judge ordains to an individual, is called inhibition.

INHIBITION, Eng. law. The name of a writ which forbids a judge from further proceeding in a cause depending before him; it is in the nature of a prohibition. T. de la Ley; F. N. B. 39.

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Clinical and preclinical studies with ACY-1215 are continuing to validate the potential of selective inhibition of HDAC6 in multiple myeloma.
Selective inhibition of positive transcription elongation factor b (P-TEFb) may add a new key mechanism of action to current cancer therapies via the suppression of anti-apoptotic signals.
Description: Preliminary results from this first clinical evaluation of ACY-1215 suggest that selective inhibition of HDAC6 with ACY-1215, alone or in combination with bortezomib and dexamethasone, may provide a well-tolerated treatment option for relapsed or relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma.
Selective inhibition of HDAC6 as a therapeutic target thus may have positive implications for the treatment of malignancies, neuropathies, and ciliopathic diseases such as polycystic kidney disease.
The selective inhibition of HDAC6 and the dual inhibition of PI3-Kinase p110-delta/beta have emerged as important new therapeutic strategies.
Its assets include ongoing Phase I clinical programmes covering selective inhibition of mTOR kinase and isoform-specific inhibition of PI3K?
Data presented in the research article entitled Activity-Based Chemical Proteomics Accelerates Inhibitor Development for Deubiquitylating Enzymes (Chemistry & Biology, Volume 18, Issue 11, 1401-1412, 23 November 2011) confirms the selective inhibition of USP7 in human cells treated with P022077, contrary to the pan-DUB inhibition profile of the tool compound PR-619 in the same cells.
The selective inhibition of these TLRs is consistent with the preclinical efficacy we have seen in commonly used mouse models of lupus and holds promise for potential use of IMO-8400 in humans with lupus and other autoimmune diseases.
Acetylon said that selective inhibition of the intracellular enzyme HDAC6 may offer enhanced anti-cancer effectiveness through potentially reduced side effects and improved tolerability compared to current non-selective inhibitors, which are active against both Class I and Class II HDACs.

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