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comments on Weil's prayer and her inscription of what many critics find to be an horrific self-abnegating prayer and concludes his balanced discussion with a reminder that Weil could not advance a contemplative practice devoid of practical engagement in the world of necessity.
It would be nice to think that materialism could be heroic, self-abnegating, and redemptive.
By virtue of the expectation that women will be altruistic, self-abnegating caregivers, women's own voices, and their claims to autonomy in requesting death, are easily dismissed.
The 1960s brought the sexual revolution and the throbbing mixed messages of girl group music, "by turns, boastful, rebellious, and self-abnegating .
On how many levels is the audition a fiction--a self-reflexive, and self-abnegating, spectacle of authorship into which the artist has obviously invited contending authorial voices?
One can be confident that DeMaria, a first-rate self-abnegating scholar, would be prompt to pay tribute to his senior.
Whereas the self-responsible agent can he engaged in potentially open-ended justificatory dialogue about his action guiding commitments, self-abnegating deference undermines such responsiveness, thereby undermining the self-responsibility that is crucial to autonomy.
Ruth learns, from a new friend (Kathy Bates), to be less self-abnegating.
The junctures at which Lisa provides self-abnegating descriptions of her feelings involve her repression at the hands of an authority figure.
Although the sentiment expressed here seems completely at odds with the Susan of the film's first half, Lang begins suggesting Susan's capitulation to a self-abnegating femininity even before the trial (countered initially by her clinical approach to love).
The author has a lofty regard for the self-abnegating seekers who went off alone to the desert or together into monasteries to find a slant on the meaning of life that was drowned out by the world and even by the church.