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He professes a sincere love for retyping, both the process ("I was trained as a sculptor, and moving the text from one place to another became as physical and as sexy as, say, carving stone") and, in a bit of Stein-like self-admiration, the result: "After it was finished, it became clear that the daily newspaper--or in this case Day--is really a great novel, filled with stories of love, jealousy, murder, competition, sex, passion, and so forth.
Using the words "gaunt" and "geeky" to describe herself, Ehrenreich attempts to throw off the self-admiration of being five-feet, seven-inches and 118 pounds, yet she knows as well as anyone that such a figure is lusted after by many American women.
Whether he considers himself virtuous is not spelled out, but he stands before us with the restrained smirk of self-admiration.
A kindergarten teacher invites youngsters to announce their self-admiration as a part of a course called "I Like Me" ("I like me because of my Blue Jays hat
As someone who has sat through Hollywood's annual self-admiration celebration, I can assure you that this send-up is a lot more fun - and a whole lot shorter - than the real thing.
There's nothing to object to in his performance of the steps, but the inexhaustible self-admiration of his Albrecht made his spiritual regeneration in the second act hard to believe.
But the policymakers of the early twentieth century did not mince their words: "God has not been preparing the English, speaking and Teutonic peoples for a thousand years for nothing but vain and idle self-admiration.
At this point self-satisfaction and self-admiration become the ruling classes' mantra.

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