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In regard to subordinates' performance, self-centered leaders only care how it may impact them.
Above all, they are apt to be self-centered and self-absorbed, with little interest in their neighbors and communities.
It is their only bridge from self-centered experience.
We ought perhaps to make a distinction between individualism and individuality - the former leading to the values of a self-centered competitiveness (which, ultimately, was the rationale of Du Bois's excessive but symptomatic criticism of Black Boy), the latter to the values of difference and critical self-awareness.
A recurring theme in Italian humanistic literature, according to Gilli, is that the French were arrogant, impetuous, and self-centered, with a propensity to tyrannize.
Presiding Judge Hiroyuki Anegawa said in the ruling, ''The crime is self-centered and there is no room for leniency.
By banishing the self-centered romanticism that humanizes animals, Schullery makes the familiar strange again.
However, new research from leadership development firm Zenger Folkman reveals that Gen Y employees aren't the self-centered "know-it-alls" that many believe them to be.
Marziyeh Afkham said that the recent statements by Cameron at his UN General Assembly speech indicated the continuation of London's self-centered outlooks.
31 (ANI): England batsman Kevin Pietersen's international career has probably hit a major roadblock, and speculation is rife that he may be sacked if he persists with his self-centered attitude.
Jean Twenge of San Diego State University, lead author of a study that found today's college students are more self-centered than their predecessors, according to scores on the Narcissistic Personality Inventory recorded between 1982 and 2006
She is a normal 8-year-old kid who could be as selfish as any other child and who I thought was more self-centered and just wanting to have for herself,'' Goldstein said.