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Our life can be actionpacked and exciting, but it's only by killing off our self-centredness that we become truly alive.
This is no time for self-centredness at Anfield, particularly on the back of two straight league defeats.
At fifteen, she reaches a state of psychological upheaval that is characterized by loneliness, self-centredness, secrecy, deception, lying and stealing.
THE August riots were a terrible reminder of some of the forces of violence and self-centredness which sadly lurk below the surface of our national life.
for his discourse was Antillean, and Pan-American, and universal) a centre in the self that was not self-centredness, but new balance; new middle-strength.
The potential of the motorway to carry traffic, is diminished by some 50% because of their self-centredness.
Self-centredness masked by ignorance in calling fellow countrymen uncultured and uncivilised, and the lack of development in the South in contrast to that in the North has cost Sudan dearly.
There's an interesting anecdote regarding Heather Mills meeting Lipa's unimpressed Mark Featherstone-Witty at a graduation ceremony - he reckoned she could win a gold star for her self-centredness.
These projects often exude an air of arrogance, self-centredness and indifference to the prevailing realities of the world,' said Juhani Pallasmaa, who curated and opened 'Sustaining Identity Symposium II', held at the V&A Museum in London last November, with a strong and insightful attack on iconic architecture, its role in an increasingly globalised world and its effects on the psyche.
The corollary is that engaging Generation Ys in hospitality and tourism careers may be especially challenging given both their conspicuous nature and propensity for self-centredness.
He is not like Ovid's Narcissus, who recognises that he loves his own image, since Rousseau's Narcisse remains blind in/to his self-love and fails to realise his own self-centredness.
This may not reach the I-Thou relationship which surpasses the self-awareness and self-centredness of an individual; but the recognition of such similarity may constitute a base on which the self-effacing I-Thou relationship may thrive.