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Ever since then I've become even more self-conscious and I can't bear getting undressed in front of him.
Then take a deep breath and just decide to feel good about your body as countless self-conscious girls have done before you.
I've always been quite self-conscious, so that's why I've decided to do them myself.
Kieron is quite a vain boy and he is self-conscious about his acne - that was why he used sunbeds.
compile 24 chapters that examine the self-conscious emotions that regulate and motivate thoughts, feelings, and behaviors: embarrassment, guilt, humiliation, pride, and shame.
Sometimes scintillating, sometimes self-conscious, "Puccini for Beginners" is smarter than your average romantic comedy these days (what isn't?
It's no secret that most if not all self-conscious Anglo-Catholics seem relatively tolerant about gay or lesbian priests or bishops, in line with their emphasis on liturgy and their non-literalist approach to Scripture.
Self-conscious Milan is so smitten she will do almost anything to please him.
Venice is a self-conscious city built for display and there are more than 18 000 decorative balconies on the Grand Canal from which to admire Venice--or on which to be admired by people passing in boats.
If I am honest, she is looking chubby - but I don't want to make her self-conscious about her body.
is a genuine public sphere, characterized by self-conscious, open, and contentious political argument before a vast but discrete audience" (248).
Deborah, aged 36, who gave birth to Arthur two weeks ago, admits that when her older son Felix, now aged three, was a newborn, she felt self-conscious when she stopped to breastfeed in cafes, even though it can be done with complete discretion.