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On this broader view, the self-controlled person becomes one who is practically concerned, that is, who cares about how he acts and possesses the capacity to execute what he cares about.
As an example, suppose that the operative guiding values and principles of the ideally self-controlled person were the product of brainwashing or psychological compulsion.
In order, then, for the ideally self-controlled person to be considered autonomous, it is sufficient that he possess no compelled motivational states, that his beliefs be conducive to informed deliberation, and that he be a reliable deliberator.
The alternative that represented self-controlled choice consisted of a delay of 55 s, followed by 25 s of viewing, and then a waiting period of 10 s before the start of the next trial.
If the size of the reinforcers had been specified before the second session, it is possible that the impulsive responders would have shifted to self-controlled choice.
Impulsive responders were told which alternative gave the longer viewing time and self-controlled responders were told which alternative presented the video sooner.
delivering the world's best digital video quality experience, today announced the launch of the CHORUS premium closed-loop encoder, the first encoder that is fully self-controlled, allowing for greater bandwidth capacity and improved video quality.
In free-operant procedures where self-controlled responding has occurred and the results are described well by molar maximization, the self-controlled response also has produced the greatest density of reinforcement.
the greater session wide reinforcement density produced by self-controlled responding) appears to have occurred for Subjects 14 and 15 in the no delay-delay group during the no delay condition.
The exception was Subject 33 who was highly self-controlled throughout the experiment.