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And it may lessen his guilt if I say that it was done in self-defence, and that John Straker was a man who was entirely unworthy of your confidence.
He didn't stop to state that his justification was self-defence.
Horser, but I am never without the means of self-defence," Mr.
He had said so much already in spite of me, and he looked so dreadfully capable of saying a great deal more also in spite of me, that I declined his amiable invitation in pure self-defence.
That feminine penetration--so clever and so tainted by the eternal instinct of self-defence, so ready to see an obvious evil in everything it cannot understand--filled her with bitter resentment against both the men who could offer to the spiritual and tragic strife of her feelings nothing but the coarseness of their abominable materialism.
I cannot believe that he has done this deed, unless in self-defence, or on some justifiable provocation.
As an ingenious man, he had necessarily to encounter every discouragement that the ruling powers for a length of time had been able by any means to put in the way of this class of culprits; but that was only reasonable self-defence in the powers, since How to do it must obviously be regarded as the natural and mortal enemy of How not to do it.
I now feel obliged to go on,' pursued the Secretary, 'though it were only in self-explanation and self-defence.
We had a chat with self-defence instructor Marco Grunert for safety tips.
Michael Fallon welcomes Japanese announcement on collective self-defence.
The police also encourage women across the country to learn self-defence techniques.
A SUMMER martial arts camp will help youngsters learn self-defence skills.