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In addition, it has been shown that athletes' perceived competence plays an important role in understanding athletes' self-determined forms of motivation.
We must continue to support policies and progress that ensure Alaska's tribes are self-determined and have the resources they need to protect and provide for their communities.
The variables that make up the Theory of Planned Behavior and which determine the intention to participate in sport and physical activity (attitude, norm, control) were expected to relate positively to the profile of students with a more self-determined motivation.
As a homeowner the best diagnostic that can be self-determined is to check fluctuations in the water bill and to turn off the main water line to prevent any water from coming into the house.
In Episode 4, "Lose Your Way," the audience becomes better acquainted with Lola, a strong, self-determined queer enigma portrayed by rapidly rising Filipino-Canadian star Jeigh Madjus.
There is emerging research suggesting that children and youth with disabilities who are more self-determined may experience better outcomes during childhood and into adulthood.
Wehmeyer, Shogren, Palmer, Williams-Diehm, Little, and Boulton studied the effects of the self-determined learning model of instruction (SDLMI), which teaches self-regulated problem solving, on high school students with cognitive disabilities compared with a control condition.
They also revealed that self-determined motivation and perceived competence are important factors in persuading elderly people to exercise more.
Manufacturers and distributors could satisfy this requirement by taking a self-determined "GRAS" position that the substance is generally recognized, among qualified experts, as having been adequately shown to be safe under the conditions of its intended use.
TWO sub-laws were proposed during a human rights session last night which would allow writers, poets and journalists the freedom to express themselves within self-determined boundaries, said Bahrain Writers Association chairman Ibrahim Bu Hindi.
Each form assessed the students' abilities, knowledge, and perceptions that allow for self-determined behavior (that is, capacity), as well as the extent to which situations at home and school allow them to engage in such activity (that is, opportunity; Mithaug et al.
In contrast, many job planning and placement decisions gain validity only when students or adult employees themselves provide a self-determined voice (Brady et al.