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Equity Trust Company has been at the forefront of the self-directed retirement plan industry since 1974.
The ability to be a self-directed learner is a crucial skill for students today.
This Act is about shifting up through the gears and making Self-directed Support a choice which anyone can have.
As self-direction was traditionally a community-based and not a State-based response, any self-directed approach could be considered at risk of perversion by generic implementation by the State.
In response to an increase in investors taking the self-directed route, a number of online trading firms have emerged that specialize in options and equities trading on one platform, the report showed.
With the duties and powers outlined in the Social Care (Self-directed Support) (Scotland) Act expected to come into force in March 2014, Capita's Self-Directed Support Scotland Conference gives delegates an insight into evolving policy around the new legislation and practical guidance on preparing for implementation.
Traditional IRAs and Roth IRAs limit investments to stocks, bonds and mutual funds, but self-directed IRAs are different.
The purpose of this study is to introduce self-directed learning to the marketing education literature through the completion of a meta-analysis on the existing self-directed learning literature, from multiple disciplines.
The self-directed IRA is ideal for individuals who are not comfortable with the ups and downs of the stock market and want more control in directing their IRA dollars.
Structures available today make the process of using a self-directed IRA easier, safer and less expensive.
Studies documenting the positive relationship between job performance and self-directed learning readiness (Durr, 1992, Guglielmino, Guglielmino, and Long, 1987; Roberts, 1986) support this assertion.
Although many articles (Gottfredson, 2002; Rayman & Atanasoff, 1999; Reardon & Lenz, 1999) have focused on the use of the Self-Directed Search with high school students, college students, and adults, very few studies have focused on the utility of the middle school version, the Self-Directed Search: Career Explorer (SDS:CE; Holland & Powell, 1994), or how it might be incorporated into a career counseling program for students at risk of dropping out of school.