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Past research has found that socialization values of parents and teachers in Estonia reflect autonomous-relatedness orientation as stated by Kagitcibasi (2005) in both family and school socialization: the qualities related to self-direction (e.
The theoretical implications this study has for the field of postsecondary and adult education relates to the understanding of the needs of students diagnosed with brain injuries in online learning, specifically those needs related to self-direction.
The values of Self-direction were more marked in individuals who like to make their own decisions and do not depend on others (Schwartz, 2005).
Besides distinguishing among three types of Universalism values, two types of Benevolence, two of Self-direction, two of Conformity, two of Power, and two of Security, the theory also introduced two new basic values: Humility and Face.
In the context of Indian bureaucracy, this amalgamation of tradition and self-direction becomes clearer as we realize that India is a secular republic.
Through homeschooling, I maintained my inborn love of learning, cultivated strong skills of self-direction, and developed into my own person.
Certainly the proponents of ethical self-direction are genuinely convinced of the correctness of their views.
People with disabilities and older adults could make great gains in independence and self-direction through robotics.