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When they found the teacher, they asked: "What happens here to produce such caring and self-disciplined children?
He added, 'Because spiritual life and practical commitment by members of the Church in Wales may not be as strong as we wish it to be, we are attempting to help each one of us at all levels - from parishioner to Archbishop - to be more self-disciplined in our Christian discipleship.
CHELSEA midfielder Joe Cole has vowed to be self-disciplined if he is given the chance to answer England's left-sided problem in Saturday's game.
Ideally, the goal of discipline is to reduce the need for teacher intervention over time by helping students to become self-disciplined.
They demonstrate how parents and teachers can join forces to inspire kids to be self-directed, self-disciplined, and responsive to the wonders of learning.
Burnett traces the development of one of the facets of theology and practice closest to Martin Bucer's heart, the effort to shape nominal Christians into a living, self-disciplined Christian society.
Telecommuters must be extremely self-disciplined not to be distracted working at home.
School children might not be hawking or running between machines in factories, but they were schooled only in the very basic facts and information necessary to be self-disciplined and respectful of authority - the same skills they excelled at on the streets and in sweatshops.