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One of Entertainment Weekly's 10 best nonfiction books of 2005, Everybody is humorous, frantic, self-effacing, laugh-out-loud funny--well, look up "flippant" or "irreverent" in Roget's and it's all that.
Reflecting their typically self-effacing and honest manner, Atkinson remarks, 'We just fumble our way through and don't always know where we are going.
Good leaders, in business and also in the church, one expert says, are self-effacing, quiet, reserved, even shy--a paradoxical blend of personal humility and professional will.
McKellen's earlier hardships--which included coming out publicly in Thatcher-era Britain--may have contributed to the knighted actor's self-effacing nature.
Your seemingly self-effacing attitude towards women "out of your league" may be helping you with the "stunners".
But the second act belonged to Zdenek Konvalina's Albrecht, with his self-effacing devotion and his 24 magnificent entrechat sixes, buoyant with determination.
Not that he is a self-effacing "sensitive" (as Ivan Karp once termed artists too modest with respect to their muse to make a bold move).
And, as his recent appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart demonstrated, he's also remarkably handsome, with a charming, self-effacing demeanor to match.
The self-effacing Heiberger makes it a point to stress, "I didn't do this all by myself," and reels off a batch of names--Gary Malin, Greg Young, Belinda Pastana, Nancy Sager, Jimmy Economou, Gordon Golub, Larry Goldblatt, Jessica Duffy, Joe Lops .
But it was not so long ago that communicators mainly wore shades of corporate blue and gray, in their roles as the self-effacing press contact or the industrial editor.
Alexander Shaumyan's trademark is wry or self-effacing humor, heart rending psalms of loneliness and love, and cynical commentaries on modern times.
While he was a modest and self-effacing, indeed, a taciturn, Scotsman he was also a hero and this biography does full justice both to his work whilst at the same time describing the world within which he did it.