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EXILE, civil law. The: interdiction of all places except one in which the party is forced to make his residence.
     2. This punishment did not deprive the sufferer of his right of citizenship or of his property, unless the exile were perpetual, in which case confiscation not unfrequently was a part of the sentence. Exile was temporary or perpetual. Dig. 48, 22, 4; Code, 10, 59, 2. Exile differs from deportation, (q.v.) and relegation. (q.v.) Vide, 2 Lev. 191; Co. Litt. 133, a.

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He won it back two years later and then went into self-exile, returning to the USA in the early 1960s.
They addressed a gathering hosted by sympathiser Lord Avebury yesterday at the Abbey Gardens annexe to the House of Lords, London, where both men live in self-exile.
From Saddam's viewpoint, going into self-exile would be the act of a coward.
More insidious is the devil's ability to confuse the mystic with the notion that his words are really her words -- that his thinking is really her thinking -- which leads to self-exile, doubt, and fragmentation.
Milosz, who left Poland in self-exile to France in 1957, took a job teaching at the University of California at Berkeley in 1960.
Farooq, the senior MQM leader, who was living in self-exile in London since 1992 along with MQM chief Altaf Hussain, was murdered outside his home in 2010.
ANKARA (CyHAN)- In a show of support for the settlement process that is aimed at ending the decades-long Kurdish conflict in the country's Southeast, leading Kurdish politician YaE-ar Kaya arrived in Ankara on Thursday after living in self-exile in Germany for more than two decades as a political refugee.
Walshe (modern English, University College, Cork) traces the work of Toibin through self-exile, Catholic belief, education, Irish nationalism, gay imagination and identity, family dynamics, and representations of the maternal figure.
Putin has called Guriyev's self-exile his personal decision and denied that he was being persecuted for supporting Khodorkovsky in the highly controversial case.
According to the report, the retired general, who now wants to be called Syed Pervez Musharraf, had arrived in Karachi in March ending his three-year self-exile to take part in the May 11 elections.
Accompanied by journalists and supporters, Musharraf arrived on a flight from Dubai where he has been living in self-exile for four years.