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to build a self-glorifying national narrative against judicial accountability.
Many Nigerians who are alive to witness the recent history of Nigeria's power calculus must also be sickened by the former president's blatant denial of his rancid role in the political power game that would have culminated in a selfish, self-glorifying Houphuet Boigny-like self-perpetuation in office.
This is where the extent of harm imposed by free speech can be adjudged - not in the opinions of these students, but in the reactions they extract from self-glorifying, anti-social patriots and nationalists.
A refreshing contrast to all the self-glorifying fame seekers.
10 "American Sniper" The somewhat jingoistic memoir of ace Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle became, in the hands of Clint Eastwood, a melancholic rumination on a number of his career-spanning themes: the iconography of the solitary man of action; the high toll on all sides in the war zone; and the uncomfortable realities nibbling away at the edges of America's self-glorifying myths.
More demonstrates not only that Ecce Homo, that problematic step-child of Nietzsche Studies (by turns and at once, self-glorifying and self-parodying), is a masterful work of satire, but that all of Nietzsche's corpus after Die Geburt der Tragodie can effectively and profitably be read, following the lead of this final book, as satire.
Two millennia after his death, there is still debate about whether he should be seen as a hero of civilisation who spread the wonders of the classical age across Europe or as a self-glorifying despot who wrecked the Roman republic.
Islam" as a self-glorifying and self-justifying marker is up for grabs.
Nothing screams "tosser" more than a self-glorifying non-entity who talks about himself in the third person.
At a New York City election fundraiser, the president, in self-glorifying statement, boasted: "I try not to pat myself too much on the back, but this administration has done more in terms of the security of the state of Israel than any previous administration.
Though a memoir, written by a young man with exceptional achievements, this book is far from self-glorifying.
Porat neatly contrasts the moral and physical cowardice of such menwhom the self-glorifying rhetoric of the SS likened to medieval knightswith the incredible courage of Rivkah Trapkovits.