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However, they become particularly intense in systems that favor self-governing schools and parental choice--both of which, by definition, privilege the interests of particular actors, be they schools or parents.
Over the past five years alone, laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan have been adopted and implemented on citizens' self-governing bodies and on elections of the chairman (aqsaqal) of a citizens' assembly and his advisers, as well as some 20 provisions relating to the work of mahallas and their public bodies.
Another part of the article analyses specific investment activities of self-governing regions from 2004 to 2012, based on their capital spending in terms of time and the abovementioned sections.
The islanders are due to vote this year in a referendum on whether they want to stay part of Britain's self-governing overseas territories.
Step 2: Identifying the Common Theme of a Self-Governing Community.
Also, each self-governing devolved country is wedded to the EU being in receipt of huge Objective One funding (England's contributions recycled) and with each having its own influential presence and MEPs in Brussels they are almost honorary member states - with EU by-passing UK Westminster as if it is of no consequence at all.
If in this concise volume Professor Sancton had simply assumed that all this is pretty much understood, then he might have moved directly to explore, more clearly and with just a little bit of fresh research, the economic, population, jurisprudential and spatial basis for local self-governing in the twenty-first (or twentieth) century and not in the nineteenth (or ninth).
It noted that the attack came four days after a truck bombing in Irbil, the capital of the Kurdish self-governing region of northern Iraq, killed at least 15 people and wounded more than 100.
The islands, which lie northwest of Scotland and halfway between Iceland and Norway, are a self-governing region of Denmark and with strong business and financial links with the Danish mainland.
It notes that in the New Zealand Anglican church, Maori church communities reside in five bishoprics and meet as a self-governing part of the whole Anglican church in New Zealand, which also includes Polynesian and European communities.
The cancer hospital in Wir-ral is one of 18 specialist NHS trusts nationwide to be granted self-governing foundation hospital status by the government.
2) Liberalism envisioned as subject the self-governing individual who could independently function in the market for free labor.