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The Constitution endured because it allowed prudent statesmen to make wise decisions that preserved self-government under the rule of law.
The SNP has capitalised on a desire in Scotland for a stronger notion of self-government that can assert a strong and distinct notion of political agency, one that is not conditioned by the concerns of Westminster politics.
Just a week back, Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar, who is also president of the Nationalist Congress Party -- an ally of the Congress in the state government -- said he was in favour of increasing the quota for women in the state's local self-government bodies from 33 to 50 per cent.
A parallel can be made to the self-government debate now going on.
Introduction chapter of European Charter of Local Self-Government talks about "the right of citizens to participate in the conduct of important public affairs".
First, as a result of the Protestant Reformation, Protestantism recognized and adopted the view of human nature discussed above, according to which human beings are viewed as creatures capable of self-government.
Sixty years on it is easy to forget that freedom and democratic self-government were fighting for their very existence on the heels of the most devastating depression the modern world has known.
Singapore was given a measure of limited self-government in 1955, while Sarawak, North Borneo and Brunei were gradually awakened towards self-government.
Santorum contends that the idea of individual autonomy, which he takes to be the core of contemporary liberalism, constitutes a conception of "no-fault freedom" that undermines an older ideal of ordered liberty on which republican self-government depends.
00), Cato: A Tragedy, And Selected Essays is a seminal and welcome addition to the growing library of literature promoting conservative values such as liberty, self-government, an opposition to tyranny, the advancement of justice, and the advocacy of honor, patriotism, and integrity.