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And Ben was there, too, standing self-importantly alongside the body, but when his eyes met hers, he held up his hand to stop her coming closer.
His targets were and are the myths and prejudices that shape most people's perception of the Catholic Church, views of the Church as monolithic, static, and self-importantly infallible on just about everything.
We have gone from being one small part of creation--who thought of ourselves a little self-importantly as rather separate from it--to the central player.
He was one of two men in their early 20s whom I overheard talking authoritatively, maybe a little self-importantly, about supplies for a health clinic in Algiers.
Stylishly designed by Ruari Mur-chison, using the wide-open rep stage to zippy effect, Church's production is borne along by some vivid performances, with Oliver Dimsdale ambitious but naive as Andrew, Bruce Alexander's spluttering self-importantly as Victory editor Elliot Fruit-Norton (whose passing resemblance to William Rees Mogg has been noted), and Michael Begley as Le Roux's appalling Australian lieutenant, Eaton Sylvester.
The constant Brooks-ian undertone of Borscht Belt humor was a wonderful backdrop to the self-importantly Goyishe world of big-time espionage.
Several smart but indistinguishable young men in dark suits (from the University's Corporate Communications arm) fuss with microphones, direct latecomers to the remaining seats and strut self-importantly around the platform.