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In contrast students with low education output have less attempt and they show less desire for activities of coordination and the methods of learning, they have low self-regulating and they rarely reach to high rate of succession [13].
Only the students with a positive adjusted profile, those who had a high level both with regard to their capacity for self-regulating as well as to their self-efficacy beliefs, were classified within the group that performed well in solving arithmetic problems.
On the other hand, during their self-assessments, self-regulating students (those who were able to raise their grades) considered their important future goals that were instrumentally connected to the course grade.
Self-regulating Inherently Interesting and Uninteresting Academic Activities
Indeed, self-regulation is not developed in one course; self-regulating strategies need to be practiced and developed over multiple courses in order to cultivate a self-regulated learning environment.
The building had to be self-regulating, comfortable in hot humid summers and in cool winters without incurring large bills for air-conditioning and heating; at the same time, the architects were asked to use and celebrate local products and craftsmanship.
Adopting established continence standards might preempt government interference by demonstrating, through voluntary adherence, the industry's willingness to be self-regulating.
Philip Cook called on all the organisations participating in the National Approved Letting Scheme to join in educating the public into the standards expected of self-regulating approved letting agents.
2) In other words, it's a self-contained, self-regulating entity.
The origins of the cataclysm lay in the utopian endeavor of economic liberalism to set up a self-regulating market system.
The system of ducts delivers cool air in order to deter the potentially destructive escape of heat and light from this self-regulating mechanical prison.
There could be a natural, self-regulating process that frequently leads to planetary systems resembling our own," he notes.