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In contrast students with low education output have less attempt and they show less desire for activities of coordination and the methods of learning, they have low self-regulating and they rarely reach to high rate of succession [13].
Only the students with a positive adjusted profile, those who had a high level both with regard to their capacity for self-regulating as well as to their self-efficacy beliefs, were classified within the group that performed well in solving arithmetic problems.
This study examines the differences in the motivational orientation and learning strategies, including self-regulating learning behaviors of those students who choose and prefer one of three teaching models.
Self-regulating Inherently Interesting and Uninteresting Academic Activities
Philip Cook called on all the organisations participating in the National Approved Letting Scheme to join in educating the public into the standards expected of self-regulating approved letting agents.
2) In other words, it's a self-contained, self-regulating entity.
However, in some cases, this self-regulating system does not work.
Fried creates the "generation of 1863" out of a self-regulating pictorial history, no more grounded in material or political conditions than zeitgeist is.
There could be a natural, self-regulating process that frequently leads to planetary systems resembling our own," he notes.
These employ either constant-wattage of self-regulating heaters.
This has proved a disaster for the simple reason that its premise is wrong: parks are not ecosystems and thus are not self-regulating.
The MVP D-TEK loop detector is self-regulating and will automatically detect which voltage is required.