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Taking into account some methodological shortcomings such as small sample size, heterogeneous sub-samples, or the use of self report data, the results of our four studies allow for the following tentative conclusions: (1) Self-reported self-regulation might be largely independent of the type of offence (if violent offenders are compared against non-violent offenders), but (2) there might be a difference between sex offenders and non-sex offenders in that sex offenders tend to have more difficulty to manage their mood and self-soothe in stressful situations.
I must also say that I like very much ATA's three criteria for self-regulation, but I would like to suggest a fourth; that is: Teleservices companies must agree and sign an agreement that guarantees self-regulation in full compliance with the ATA guidelines, that random checking must be done to verify compliance, and violators MUST face the consequences.
To date, only a few studies examining self-regulation of learning have been conducted to examine individual differences such as gender and ethnicity among learners.
The Retired Greyhound Trust, in the person of Mr Stocker, appeared before that group on the August 24, 2005, as part of the delegation from the industry arguing for continued self-regulation.
This feedback from the field will inform the Panel's deliberations as it prepares to issue its report on improving self-regulation later this spring.
Petosa developed a self-regulation instrument to assess level of exercise acquisition associated with self-regulation skills (Petosa, 1993).
If the IRS finds that it is under increasing pressure to perform its tax compliance functions but lacks the funding to adequately deal with rising non-compliance, the IRS may follow the lead of other federal regulatory agencies and look even harder for ways to encourage self-regulation in order to maintain or increase tax compliance.
Fostering skills in affect self-regulation and attachment is a concept borrowed from the field of trauma therapy, which over the past 10-15 years has adopted a phase-oriented treatment approach heavily influenced by the writings of Bessel van der Kolk, M.
One important component of self-regulation is a conscious appraisal of immediate past behavior (Barkley, 1997).
The adoption of this code is a significant step towards improving media self-regulation in Montenegro, Dunja Mijatovic, the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, said.