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Oh," she thought to herself, with a sudden rush of anguish which threatened disaster to her self-respect, "it has come to this--to this--when I could have given him everything
I had got away from Bigben Close without a breach of resolution; without injury to my self-respect.
No man can escape this vitiating effect of an offence against his own sentiment of right, and the effect was the stronger in Arthur because of that very need of self-respect which, while his conscience was still at ease, was one of his best safeguards.
I require time to consider--in justice to my own self-respect," Grace went on.
In the event of my deciding to receive the check," she said, "I cannot, consistently with my own self-respect, permit it to be delivered to me otherwise than inclosed.
Stung by his old master's reproaches, he sacrificed his daughter and he sacrificed me--partly to his own sense of self-respect, partly to his conviction that the difference between us in rank made it his duty to check all further intercourse before it was too late.
He said, 'Allah has given every person self-respect and we will not compromise on our self-respect.
Of course, the concept of self-respect was still hard to wrap my 11-year-old head around.
Among their topics are the notion of respect in ancient Greek poetry, Plato on respect and what "belongs to" oneself, human interaction in the state of nature: Hobbes on respect for persons and self-respect, the extend to which the view of respect as the foundation of human rights can be attributed to Kant, and the cardinal role of respect and self-respect for Rawls' and Walzer's theories of justice.
He said that consumers' satisfaction, welfare and self-respect of staff were his priorities.
Fesler says most offenders begin a life of crime after they lose their own self-respect.
As the authors initially hypothesized, former athletes were rated higher in the areas of leadership, self-confidence, and self-respect.