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A party that has transformed itself into a full-fledged gang of self-seekers and deceivers cannot recover from this downfall.
I GRIEVE for the Scottish people who are trapped in a labyrinth of mediocrity in a country that is governed by the biggest lot of self-seekers in Europe.
At the same time, he defends the reputation of the majority of MPs and shows they are far from being self-seekers.
Add to that a growing conviction in Wales that English rugby, once the preserve of modest, mild-mannered gentlemen, has become populated by strutting and arrogant self-seekers, and you have a recipe for abrasive confrontation.
Pearce confidently reveals the self-seekers and misfits who have plagued recent history.
Moscow News for June 3 had a pleasant interview with Willian Colby, who was in Moscow at a press seminar organized by New York University's Center for War, Peace and the News Media, a dreadful gaggle of self-seekers.
Professor of Islamic law and Yeni E[currency]afak daily columnist Hayrettin Karaman, who happily defines himself as an Islamist and works hard to invent Islamist references for the AK Party, now complains about the "parasitic" self-seekers who have flocked to the ruling party.
He said love for humanity and reconciliation are an integral part of the Islamic faith, however, some self-seekers and extremists have created misgivings about Islam through their negative activities.
The removal of this duplication of government and charade of democracy would be a colossal saving to the taxpayer, but would no doubt invite extreme opposition from the self-seekers with a vested interest to maintain and promote the present dinosaur of maladministration.
In a process similar to what the legendary Motherland Party (ANAVATAN) of the 1980s went through, the AKP has distanced itself from its supporters, but found itself surrounded by a gang of self-seekers and henchmen, who are set on building a virtual world around the ruling party.