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Mirza said that self-seeking persons are misfit in a regulatory body such as the SECP.
It is a terrible comment on Russia's self-seeking politics that it has chosen to split with its P5+1 partners and it should rethink this mistake.
I also believe that whether the allegations are true or not, many local people will believe that this kind of reported activity is all too representative of many Westminster establishment politicians, of their self-seeking and their contempt for the working people of Britain.
I am sure many nurses are demoralised by the continuing bickering of self-seeking MPs.
If I truly believed and lived like all I am and have comes from God and needs to be daily surrendered to Him, how could I be caught up in the materialism and self-seeking culture of our age?
Self-seeking elements and religious shysters, however, interpret Islam as Boko Haram leaders do.
She's a fame-hungry, self-seeking s**g and I can't bear to even write her name.
Syria has boasted several great rulers, native-born Syrian luminaries, sometimes appearing as local champions who sought to liberate their lands from foreign despots, sometimes as cunning, self-seeking manipulators of squabbles between their overlords.
CELEBRITIES are often derided as self-seeking publicity junkies.
As the Independent Police Complaints Commission reveals allegations against former Chief Whip Mitchell were "spun", it's time to scour the Police Federation for its self-seeking and dishonest attempt to smear the have Plebgate had been everything its would happy to their work.
The streamlined trousers are fastened with a patent-pending, self-seeking magnetic fly and the finest mother of pearl buttons add an elegant touch to the pyjama jacket.
He's also the one who realises that this might just be the End Of Days being visited upon the self-seeking souls.