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b) Increased self-subsistence and income of rural families through improved and diversified agriculture and livestock production systems and better access to markets;
self-sufficiency, self-dependence, self-reliance, self-subsistence, self-support
They have changed the 'Great Land' from an isolated and limited land of self-subsistence, that still characterizes the lives of some Alaska Eskimos and Indians today, to a land of growing, bustling communities.
The food aid enables her to raise some savings to keep her children -- three of whom suffered from anaemia -- on a nutritious diet, but opportunities for self-subsistence remain in short supply.
Among his topics are self-subsistence and method, two senses of showing, time and the mystical, nonsense and two interpretations of the Tractatus, and the mystical and the meaning of life.
Mrs Latham and her husband, who worked for an electricity company, quit Leeds 10 years ago for Troedyrhiw Farm, a 45-acre smallholding in the hills above Port Talbot, with the eventual aim of self-subsistence as in the television programme The Good Life.
But having set out to concede to nature a self-subsistence of its own, whose deliverances must be respected alongside those of revelation, M.
The price of a self-subsistence education is nominal compared to what you'll save or earn.