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One might illustrate by a very simple example: if I say "so-and-so is a married man," that is not a self-subsistent proposition.
The gradation of being diversifies as it emanates from the self-subsistent One, but the divine essence is simple.
In all of these conundrums concerning practice, what puts the achievement of the good in question is the opposition of subjectivity and objectivity or of valid concept and self-subsistent actuality that is presupposed by the pursuit of the good.
In such a model, nature is self-subsistent and in principle knowable in its totality without the aid of the supernatural--without, that is, grace.
3 Forms Are Not Self-Subsistent Substances (Samantha Rebello) Contemplating medieval perception via Aristotelian philosophy, Rebello's unsettling film blends church bells and grotesque stone carvings with bestiary images and animal flesh in abstracted, tactile close-ups.
In contractual relations between property-owners, we enter into relations with each other as self-subsistent rights-holders, who through property have independence and standing.
Kant was indispensable in this evolution as he dismantled the notion of substances as self-subsistent entities.
A major group of ancient philosophers (al-hukama) say that time is a sempiternal, necessarily self-subsistent substance jawhar azali wajib al-wujud li dhatihi) which has no essential nor existential connection with either the celestial sphere or with motion.
This university town was anything but static or self-subsistent, and this book gives a fine-grained account of the give and take, the back and forth that animated its economic life in the early modern period.
It is this circle that makes capital a self-subsistent subject or a totality able to reproduce and expand itself from within itself.
This proposal for an ecological pneumatology of internal relatedness presents an extraordinary challenge to the traditional Aristotelian and early Christian doctrine of God as an unchangeable and self-subsistent being fundamentally unaffected by the creation God has spun into existence.
Despite a self-subsistent economy, Laos has also been affected by the Asian regional crisis.