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Iranian President Hassan Rouhani underlined in April that the inauguration of the Persian Gulf Star Refinery will pave the way for Iran to become self-sufficient in gasoline production.
Indonesia has almost twice more irrigated rice lands per 1,000 people than the Philippines, which makes it self-sufficient in rice, and possibly enables it to export rice.
I am hopeful that in the next few years the country will be self-sufficient in pulses," he said.
They said that cotton production in Pakistan is integral to the economic development of the country so we have launched "sow cotton save the economy "Kapas Ugao Maeeshat Bachao" campaign to make the country self-sufficient in cotton and cotton exporting country.
While the regime wants very much to be self-sufficient in wheat for ideological reasons, the crop is expensive to produce and agricultural scientists have urged that much wheat land be used for other crops.
How do we match these contradictions: that we are self-sufficient in food grains, that many are abjectly poor?
The UK as a whole would need 357,000 wind towers to be self-sufficient but they won't take that route.
John White, Global Care's chief executive, said: "Helping our overseas partners become more self-sufficient is crucial, because over the long term it frees up valuable funds to help even more vulnerable children.
Chief JUI-F said that unfortunately all the external and internal policies were molded under foreign pressure but we will have to reduce foreign dependence for turning the state self-sufficient.
81% of participants said development of new gas recovery projects will meet the UAE's rising demand and make the country self-sufficient by 2030.
Lee said CSC currently has a self-sufficient rate of 1% in iron mine and 3% in coal mine.
Whenever I read one of those "Be Self-Sufficient on 1 Acre" articles, I want to either cry or laugh, Having moved to a small homestead many years ago and having worked at a county extension office for 20 years, I know these articles give many people pleasant dreams, but don't provide practical guidance.