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SourceLabs Self-Support Suite drives down the cost of troubleshooting and fixing software problems and in addition to identifying potential security issues.
SourceLabs' Self-Support Suite for Xen references solutions from Xen.
The opinion affirmed the state's authority to set guidelines requiring self-support, limit expenses to those "most in need," and adopt mechanisms "to cope with the fiscal hardships enveloping many state and local governments.
It represented a "carefully coordinated system" built upon a foundation of support services, designed to shape skills which could lead to real jobs and self-support.
Each day, consumers conduct more than two million online searches for self-support information on products ranging from consumer electronics to kitchen appliances.
SourceLabs Self-Support Tools quickly customize to the Eclipse environment, taking into account any dependencies.
SEATTLE, March 18 /PRNewswire/ -- SourceLabs, the company innovating open source software support, today announced the first Self-Support offering for Linux, as well as a similar offering for open source Java.
The company operates a network of Web sites, the OwnerIQ Network, that helps people find user manuals and other self-support information for a broad range of consumer products.
Due to the large size of the Palm Computing customer base, a self-support option for users who want to help themselves, anywhere, any time, night or day, is an ideal way for Palm Computing to provide even more options for quality product support," said Jerry T.
The Foster Care Self-Support Act was introduced at a Capitol Hill briefing co-sponsored by First Star and Sullivan & Worcester LLP.
NextNine Self Support Automation extends self-support beyond knowledge bases and Web-based tools.