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Self-willed--devilish self-willed sometimes--I grant; but the finest creature, nevertheless, that ever walked the ways of this lower world.
Would have been self-willed (he thought in his eminently practical way) but for her bringing-up.
Henry,' the mother resumed, 'is self-willed and resolute; and as these people naturally strain every nerve to catch him, I can entertain very little hope, Mr Clennam, that the thing will be broken off.
But Mr Wegg's descent was not accomplished without some personal inconvenience, for his self-willed leg sticking into the ashes about half way down, and time pressing, Mr Venus took the liberty of hauling him from his tether by the collar: which occasioned him to make the rest of the journey on his back, with his head enveloped in the skirts of his coat, and his wooden leg coming last, like a drag.
Kit rather wondered what this meant, but as he couldn't stop there, asking questions, he shouldered the box again and followed the girl into the hall, where through a back-door he descried Mr Garland leading Whisker in triumph up the garden, after that self-willed pony had (as he afterwards learned) dodged the family round a small paddock in the rear, for one hour and three quarters.
In truth, sad-eyed Jacko was a self-willed fellow, well able to defy the farm's patient helpers.
That's wrong, but not as wrong as our national myopia about Iraq, a collective and self-willed blindness that would be hilarious if it weren't so tragic.
This book is about the origin of evil--how it turns good people into self-willed despots.
If, in the Anthropocene, nothing remains that is totally natural--nothing pristine and untouched--then the value of wild animals and wild lands becomes greater, if for no other reason than that those self-willed beings are Other than us.
Moreover, chronically interfering with a child's self-willed behavior will guarantee that the child becomes increasingly dysfunctional.
Given the Sharif brothers' famous penchant for relying primarily on their favourites and confidantes in the bureaucracy, it is quite imaginable if secretaries have turned too self-willed to be amenable to their ministers' commands, many of them being the two siblings' own pick.
With such legal solutions, greater transparency will be provided in the procedures for sale of assets of state bodies and a new tool for fights against corruption is created and the room for self-willed conduct of institutions is narrowed down," Gjorgjiev said.