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They are there when people need them most and give their time so selflessly.
I was overwhelmed by how many families are facing very difficult challenges and personal tragedies, and how these incredible mums are doing so much to selflessly support their families and give so much to the people and communities around them.
A true Scottish and Glasgow great, as well as a Hollywood film star, he also works selflessly for charity, including Comic Relief.
This has been a particularly busy two years for these faithful members, for they have fulfilled all the normal duties of a commissioner, plus selflessly given huge amounts of their time and expertise to creating and writing all the projects, study guides, grading rubrics and grading suggestions for the new certification process.
Proactive and motivated, Jones has served selflessly as president, vice-president and treasurer.
Lillian selflessly served her community and her church.
If there is a problem, I'm equally sure the African and Indian billionaires who got rich on undistributed donated aid will selflessly lend a hand, if not cash.
They work selflessly with honour and distinction, in the most challenging circumstance.
His generosity and lasting legacy will be carried on in the lives of the people he helped selflessly.
With the nomination process easier than ever, Award organisers are inviting all residents to nominate individuals who have selflessly contributed to the community and the people of the Emirate.
The ceremony included a data show "The Sleepless", exemplifying people who work selflessly for the sake of their society.
In his books, his Reith lectures and his activities in the House of Lords, he has given his time selflessly to the cause of enabling us to live more like Italians.