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We chose selflessness and this carnival is the launch of the awareness campaign.
They consider envy, greed, selfishness, selflessness and much more.
Invoking the "spirit of courage and selflessness [that showed] the world why our nation is the greatest force for good in history," Mr.
There is much that needs to be remembered about Paull: his great talent, his intellect, and integrity--his deep commitment to and tireless work on behalf of federalism and tax fairness--his wry wit and humor--his selflessness and humility.
Instead, inspired by the heroism, selflessness and strength of community, which emerged in New York in the wake of September 11, let us head into the New Year with new hope and new dreams.
At the same time we give thanks for the rescue workers and volunteers, and all those persons whose courageous efforts demonstrated a generosity and selflessness that bears witness to the spirit of our nation at its best.
All this was done in the face of constant danger of death, but with a daring trust in God and complete selflessness.
With amazing selflessness, they recommended that Le Corbusier should be masterplanner.
A voice of selflessness and consensus might sound out of place today, but without one, nothing we need to do will get done
There is no doubt that all of us will respond to his challenge with comparable selflessness and enthusiasm.
THE courage and selflessness of little Nevaeh Gale-Spollen's family is inspirational and a lesson to us all.
I wear my poppy to thank those whose selflessness afforded me these memories.