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In sellers' markets, the average discount is less than 1 percent.
12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Potential home sellers in many Western metro areas, including the Bay Area, Las Vegas and Phoenix, are well-positioned to take advantage of locally strong demand and are likely to have the upper hand in negotiations when selling their homes, according to the latest Zillow ranking of national buyers' and sellers' markets.
We've run out of superlatives to describe an incredible sellers' market that continues to defy expectations,'' said Mike Davis, president of the local division.
Also, as usually happens, we anticipate that many buildings will procrastinate in having the inspections, with a rush at the end for inspections and repairs creating a sellers' market with higher costs.
A sellers' market, driven by low interest rates and a short supply of low- to medium-priced housing, produced a surge in the transfer of existing properties, resulting in an unprecedented increase in the assessment roll,'' county Assessor Rick Auerbach said in the report.
Therefore, the unseen problems you might acquire, just to meet the demands of a sellers' market, could saddle you with major repair costs not anticipated or budgeted at the time of your no-contingency offer.
The result is an unregulated sellers' market for electricity, susceptible to naked manipulation.