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Nagarjuna uses the word shunyata (emptiness) to describe not only the various items of relative truth and the symbol systems by which we describe them, but also everything general semanticists see as involved with time-binding.
Peirce actually helps us, as general semanticists, to interrogate the reciprocal and reflexive relationships established between language/discourse and human actions (like writing) as semiotic and phenomenological performances (Eicher-Catt, 2003).
It might be argued that, in positing a process of beheading, the generative semanticists were reinventing the wheel, since rhetoricians from the time of the Greeks had discussed the process under the rubric of metonymy.
To accommodate them to the usual ground-rules of truth-value semantics would accordingly force us to contemplate their truth status not in this actual world but in other possible ones which is exactly how orthodox semanticists go at it.
To general semanticists, the abstract nature of a term like listening comes as no surprise.
For this effort, semanticists should receive nothing but praise.
general semanticists, even though they represented a number of
Word, therefore, for Korzybski and the general semanticists who followed him, already and always does not accommodate the reality in its totality.
while the literature of psychoanalysis is crowded with information about human linguistic and symbolic functioning that must eventually be understood by semanticists and absorbed into their discipline.

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