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iii) Third, we will ask whether some semantic modules might have analogues in other cognitive systems by investigating (a) possible precursors of semantics in primate vocalizations, and (b) possible applications of focus in music.
Crystal Semantics offers the industry's most comprehensive multilingual capabilities--critical for global clients who operate across borders," said Mike Nolet, CTO, AppNexus.
The afternoon track focuses on the business applications of semantics and services and provides executives and managers with ideas about how they can use semantics and services in their business to create a competitive advantage, better serve customers, and improve efficiency.
Thus, it offers no treatment of the semantics of "functional categories" such as tense, aspect, and modality.
Applied Semantics is already the leader in providing revenue-generating technology to domain registrars with our DomainSense application currently serving millions of domain name searches each month," said Steve Jackson, president and CEO of Applied Semantics.
Storage appliances based on a NAS-specific, storage-centric operating system have been designed to address the NAS requirement to support multiple file-sharing protocols and multiple operating system semantics.
In contrast to other solutions that conduct simple keyword analysis, only scan top-level domains or make reference to databases of so-called "safe sites" Crystal Semantics carries out real-time page-level semantic analysis of each and every webpage.
One does not have to be a teacher of general semantics to gain benefit from A Continuing Guide to Teaching General Semantics.
Major file system semantic distinctions that exist between Unix and NT--in the way Unix and Windows/NT handle semantics for filenames, file attributes, shared file-locking techniques and their respective file security subsystems--are not resolved by CIFS/SMB and NFS file-sharing protocols.
Cambridge Semantics has created the first truly practical semantic platform and tool-set that allows non-technical users to create data collaboration solutions for organizations in any industry," said Mike Cataldo, Cambridge Semantics Chief Executive Officer.
Talbot Winchell Award for Exceptional Service to General Semantics was presented to Prafulla Kar and Devkumar Trivedi of the Balvant Parekh Centre for General Semantics and Other Human Sciences, which is located in Baroda, India; Elizabeth Kolbert was given the 2014 Samuel I.