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Both the wig-wag and semaphore visual signaling systems were part of the Signal Corps programs of instruction taught to Signal Soldiers until World War I.
For a special occasion or dinner for two, Choi's at The Semaphore is great place to visit.
struct MRT_sem_s { int index; /* semaphore ID */ int value; /* semaphore Value */ priority_t priority; /* Ceiling priority */ unsigned int flags; /* semaphore policy flags */ int owner; /* semaphore owner */ long ups; /* # of sem up() calls */ long downs; /* # of sem down() calls */ MRT proc_t *carrier; /* the process that has */ /* locked a mutex semaphore */ link_t alloclk; /* Allocated list link */ link_t locklk; / Locked list link */ char name[MAXPNAME]; /* semaphore name */ plist_t plist; /* Priority List of waiting */ /* processes */ }; typedef struct MRT_sem s MRT_sem t;
UKChanges has also chosen Semaphore Marketing to develop a user interface for its Direct Connect Online web-based data cleaning solution.
This positions Semaphore to become the QC tool of choice within the digital media market.
During the ceremony, the historic semaphore flag signaling system relayed silent commands from the adjutant and commander of the troops to present arms, order arms, and parade rest on Barton Field.
According to the KMWorld judges, Smartlogic's Semaphore software was singled out for its unique component capabilities to analyze, classify and reveal content by offering ontology management, content classification, text mining and semantic analysis.
Semaphore products enable remote monitoring of water and wastewater treatment facilities, power stations, transportation facilities, and other business and government operations that rely on outlying facilities.
The new ThreadX-aware MULTI IDE can display multiple tasks ("threads") graphically, including the thread roster, system objects, stack usage, semaphore usage and status, and a variety of other thread- and system-specific information.
By choosing a configuration option, ThreadX maintains a circular buffer recording all system events, like semaphore creation or memory allocation.
Design and implementation (development and parameterization) and tasks related (migration, testing, training, two intermittent sharp departure from the HIPO, complex, three-tier architecture with, browser used, transaction-based, on-line case management workflow management IT system called Semaphore IT security experts tasks, support infrastructure design) to carry out.
com)-- Smartlogic has released the latest version of its pioneering Content Intelligence Platform, Semaphore, offering more features to enhance enterprise search, drive business workflow and organize enterprise metadata, as well as providing capability for much closer integration with SharePoint 2010, the widely used corporate information management system from Microsoft.