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A comparative structural modeling approach indicates that major functional classes of mammalian and Drosophila seminal fluid proteins are conserved, suggesting a conserved function despite differences in reproductive strategies (Mueller et al.
The reactivities of the mAbs with PSA were detected with both diluted seminal fluid and purified PSA in ELISA.
Several functions are attributed to the internal sperm plug, including sperm nutrition, a "nuptial gift" to the female, to prevent loss of sperm after mating and to limit the amount of seminal fluid transferred by other males after the first mating (Spalding, 1942; Johnson, 1980: Jivoff, 1997a; Hines et al.
6 June 2014 - Researchers at Australian University of Adelaide have found that seminal fluid (semen) contains biomarkers for prostate cancer, a discovery that may lead to better diagnosis and management of the disease, the university said today.
14 Antigenic factor lies on the spermatozoa cell but not on sperm cells in seminal fluid prepared for insemination.
However, according to the World Health Organization, 2010, seminal fluid infection was defined as the presence of significant bacteriospermia ([greater than or equal to] [10.
The seminal fluid from 782 infertile Nigerian males (Table 5) were examined over a period of ten years with respect to infective agents and indices such as sperm count, motility and the presence of a significant number of pus cells.
Our results suggest that seminal fluid volume plays little or no role in the etiology of male infertility and the role of sexual abstinence before seminal fluid sample collection for accurate semen analysis is important.
The working hypothesis among many immunologists is that maternal T-cells, her so-called immunological border guards, (10) are first "primed" by repeated deposits of seminal fluid during sexual intercourse with the same man: "insemination is hypothesized to constitute a 'priming' event, acting to induce maternal immune tolerance to paternal transplantation antigens, many of which are present in semen and shared by the conceptus.
3), (4) Symptomatic SVCs usually occur in the second to fourth decades of life, as the result of accumulated seminal fluid in the seminal vesicle caused by a blocked ejaculatory duct.
This retrospective study was conducted to determine the effect of cigarette smoking on seminal fluid volume, sperm count, sperm concentration, motility and morphology, as well as viscosity and liquefaction time.