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Indeed, as the example of Egeria shows, equipped with such anticipatory geographies, many travellers allow theory to construct their experience, seeking to test preconceived knowledge, deducing the ultimate sempiternal reality of what they see from its transitory, external appearance.
But what is particularly interesting about the Venetian's paintings of the south side of Warwick was not that the view was sempiternal and unchanging, but that it was in process of considerable change.
energy generated from the latter is the sempiternal life force, the
You're young and therefore it seems like a sempiternal debate for you.
Looking to Saussurian linguistics, Morris breaks with the sempiternal questions of priority between language and image to try to characterize--following the model of the arbitrariness of the sign, and of its limitation--what is structured and what is erratic in formal processes.
This RAP (Repudiation of American Politics) vote will provide the necessary seeds to bring about the creation of one or more strong political parties able to challenge the sempiternal Democratic-Republican duopoly.
Impassively the sempiternal casts deep for endurance.
The one thing which we seek with insatiable desire is to forget ourselves, to be surprised out of our propriety, to lose our sempiternal memory and do something without knowing how or why, in short to draw a new circle.
Godhead is sempiternal, and he condemns himself for cooperating in the
Fiction: the sun itself never becomes; the sun is a metaphor for the enigma of the sempiternal which never becomes.
What I said to the students was: "Such a view presumes that writers are not encapsulated in isolation or the sempiternal, that they see themselves as living in the here and now, and, even more, that they expose themselves to the vicissitudes of time, that they jump in and take sides.
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