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Similarly, when traffic arrives at the gateway for a user's machine, it will send the data to the thief, who logs it and then sends it to the user.
Living in Spain since 1992, Nicaraguan migrant Melida Martinez sends home each month between US$370 and $500 through an agent called UniGiro.
First Data could be the Wal-Mart of the remittance industry: big and bad, but also promising, since a victory would send shockwaves far and wide.
Send e-mail with false or misleading header information.
This is useful in many corporate environments where all users on the system are trusted to not send out spam.
The next trend is for spammers to use a type of virus called a Trojan to get ordinary people's computers to send their mail for them.
Another method is to send the recapitulation of equipment part of the MTOE.
Send reminders or announcements of conferences by fax
Messenger was originally intended as a means for system administrators to send information to their users on a network.
Cooperatives are treated as multiple dwellings, so the board of directors has that responsibility, usually asking the managing agents to send out the annual window guard notifications in January.
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