send away

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Their forthcoming album Send Away The Tigers is being hailed as a classic and new single Your Love Alone Is Not Enough is received with fervour.
Nicky and frontman James Dean Bradfield made solo albums, I Killed The Zeitgeist and The Great Western, between Lifeblood and Send Away The Tigers.
Much of the band's latest album Send Away The Tigers is eerily similar to the band's commercial zenith, Everything Must Go, and the band themselves seem rather self-conscious of this fact.
Less earnest than its predecessor, underwhelming (and underselling) Lifeblood, and more accessible than the commercial suicide that was Know Your Enemy, Send Away The Tigers shows there's plenty of life in the old dogs yet.
The tour coincides with the May release of the Manics' eighth studio album Send Away The Tigers and will see the band play what is sure to be a sell-out Academy on May 15.
I also send away a lot of free copies to the mining schools across Canada.
Shoppers buy an empty box and send away for the action figures that go inside - just as shoppers did for the original toys.