send forward

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The natural and customary thing to do is to send forward a line of skirmishers.
You stand off three or four steps, with some broad wooden disks before you on the deck, and these you send forward with a vigorous thrust of a long crutch.
D'Artagnan expected that Porthos would propose to send forward his equerry upon one horse to bring back another, and he -- D'Artagnan -- had made up his mind to oppose this proposition.
The Pistons would send forward Tobias Harris, guard Avery Bradley and center Boban Marjanovic to Los Angeles, with the Clippers also receiving draft picks.
The Texas House Higher Education Committee on Wednesday opted to send forward a bill that would only make minor tweaks to a program that offers free tuition to veterans or one of their kids.
Some member states are now talking about the need for the Commission to withdraw the proposal and send forward a new package, which would take two or three years," says Christel Schaldemose (S&D, Denmark), rapporteur on one of the files.
Hanbury burst through a small gap to send forward Adam Lawton over and further showed his creative abilities to set up another with a deft kick for Owens to pass inside to Frank Winterstein.
He was attached to the 141st Field Ambulance, in April, 1918, when he volunteered to go behind enemy lines in France to bring out wounded soldiers at a time when it was considered senseless to send forward ambulances.
When you send forward these names for judicial appointment, it is not so important that you think of what I want, but that you put forth the names of the people you believe will serve .
A good many are Individual Augmentees, Sailors like Pintello, who we send forward to fill critical billets in joint and coalition units.
You'll see much more of this as the Naval Aviation Enterprise continues to streamline development and procurement of the systems we send forward to our fleet warfighters.
The decision comes at the end of a four-month search to find the town, city or place with the most innovative ideas to send forward to a national final next year.