send payment

See: remit
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Sberbank Business Online is a remote banking service accessible from any web browser that allows clients to send payment documents, view account activity, communicate with Sberbank employees, and submit requests for banking services and products.
plans to leverage its CheckFree bill pay network for a new person-to-person (P2P) service that will allow users to send payment to anyone with an e-mail address or mobile phone number.
Subscribers are requested to send payment with the order whenever possible.
I can either collect them, or send payment that more than covers postage and packing.
Send payment to: Irish Mirror Reader Offers, Markettown, PO Box 10037, Dublin 14.
Please send payment to the National Realty Club, Inc.
Investors wanting to purchase shares will access Spring Street's web page, fill out an application and send payment directly to the company.
offers attendees the ability to send payment to multiple beneficiaries in multiple locations with the push of a button.
Richard Price, director of operations, NLA, commenting on the new scam, said: "Tenants, no matter where they are from, should not send payment to advertisers before they are certain that the advertiser is genuine.
Non-Members must pay in advance: Send payment to NRC 380 Lexington Avenue, Suite 1700, New York, NY 10168.
If you're successful you'll be informed and asked to send payment.
To order simply call 01634 298 183 quoting code MW001 or complete the coupon and send payment to: Reader Offers, Dept: MW001, PO Box 300, Rochester, Kent, ME2 2HJ Cheques made payable to: Tensor Marketing Ltd.