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Making an album and writing a book that was more for the senders than myself was like walking into a bright, airy, beautiful room that had been in my house for years, but I always just walked past.
Bizanga offers top-notch email infrastructure defense for ISPs, and by integrating Sender Score services, those defenses become even stronger," says George Bilbrey, general manager of Return Path's Delivery Assurance Solutions.
The medium of e-mail needs to be rescued, and I have long argued for a solution that would require that some sort of expense be paid by e-mail senders.
We tried a lot of different things," says Houston, "but we found that this works best for us, because it puts the responsibility of authentication on the sender.
In the present study we planned to compare performance of the RNG on sender trials with performance on trials when there was no sender (or at least when a nominal sender was unaware of the target).
Some major de facto and proposed standards include S/MIME digital signatures, SPF and Sender ID.
Required information: Each fax must reference the identity and phone number of the sender, along with the date and time.
Challenge-response is a method of filtering spam whereby all senders are blocked by default.
Processing awards and other personnel records in faraway places is getting easier with the help of "digital senders," according to personnel officials supporting Operation Enduring Freedom.
I am a historian, and Sender had lived through some of the most exciting historical moments of our time.
They found that more often than could be explained by chance, receivers chose the image that matched the one seen by senders (SN: 1/29/94, p.
It is an asynchronous method in that the sender and receiver do not need to communicate with one another at the same place and time.